Information about your Partner for your most precious Time of the Year

Yes, we understand your concerns! What happens, if this entire rental vaporizes, or something turns out to be a lie. Villa is not existing, sold, or unavailable, money is gone, ... worst case scenario. If you unsure about booking your vacation rental, we recommend to sign up travel insurance to protect your vacation investment.

We certainly can help you with additional information about a specific property, the owner or partner you are renting from. Send us an email Email ( contact [at] ) and tell us openly about your concerns. This happens to us from time to time, because everybody reads about scams in all kind of Internet based business activities.

Please, bear with us, that we cannot display account numbers, payment instructions, etc. on our websites. We also do not show any testimonials with contact addresses, or other persons to contact us for qualification. This would deliver those scammers the data for the next coup.

We do not have a membership with the 'Better Business Bureau', or something similar, as none exists on St. Martin/St. Maarten.

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