Security Deposit

Most properties request a security deposit!
(refundable damage/loss deposit).

Imagine, you own a villa, which had cost you one million $-Dollar to build and about $ 50,000 to maintain each year. You try to recover some of the cost by renting it to entirely unknown people, who may have wild parties with red wine spills everywhere on your new sofa and love seats, who loose keys at the beach, who plug your 110 Volt TV into a 220 Volt outlet, who create a phone bill of $ 800, and they are gone after a week... Exaggerated? Not really, such things happen!

Most property owners therefore expect guests to provide some kind of security deposit for covering potential damage, key losses, phone charges, Internet usage, etc. If a property management company is involved, it might be possible to provide the security in form of a credit card. More common, the refundable security deposit is asked in cash on arrival. Typical requested amounts are $ 500 - $ 1,000, which are returned on departure, if no cost and damage occurred. Cheques are not accepted. If such a loss occurs, a cheque can be stopped anytime, and is worthless for the owners.

Please, consider, if you rent a car, a value of, let's say $10,000, you also have easily to leave a deposit of $ 800 (when no credit card available). This villa might have a hundred times the value of the rental car.

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