Information about the <Island Location> column

The Island information column provides some basic info about the location. Each information is linked to more details on one of our websites. If you click on those links, an additional browser window opens, which you may want to close after reviewing the information.

Netherlands Antilles flag Flag of the Netherlands Antilles. This refers to the formerly Dutch part of the island.
French Tricolore Flag of France. this refers to the French part of the island.
Beach Proximity, in walking distance Beach umbrella indicates that the beach is in walking distance, i.e. not more than 8 min. to walk.
Map symbol for St. Maarten and St. Martin Map symbol indicates to open an additional browser window, which shows the map with the villa locations.
Additional information for review Indicates to consult the individual property presentation for important additional information, which is not fully reflected in this list.

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