How does the Payment work ?

Property owners give their valuable, personal investment into your hands. They expect you to reciprocate with your trust by paying in advance. They also want to ensure that the property is irrevocably booked. It is in both parties interest to transfer the money with the least transaction cost and administrative effort. As most owners have no merchant status at credit card companies, they want the money in cash, or in safe equivalents, e.g. wire transfer, or a check before arrival. Checks require about 4 weeks for clearance between submitting at a local bank and credit to the local bank account. Therefore checks are only acceptable, if there is ample time between payment and use of the property.

Usually, 25% - 50% deposit are due on booking, full payment is mostly due 30-90 days before arrival. A few owners also accept final payment on arrival in cash.

Dream Beaches and are not involved in the reservation process or in payment transactions for any of the properties displayed on our Rent-by-Owner section and/or the properties offered by cooperating agents. We act as payment transfer agent for one specific villa only.

Besides the payment of the agreed rental fee and due taxes, some owners request a deposit by credit card, check, or cash for damage/loss phone charges, Internet access cost, etc.

Despite these payment issues may appear complex, and international payments may arise questions on security and fraud protection, we can assure you that these processes are well set up, and work smoothly in most instances.

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