Rent a Villa instead of Hotel Lodging

Do you dream of having all the advantages of an exotic destination, but still won't like to miss the comfort of your home? You are getting as close as possible by any means with a rental villa or condo! We owned and operated a hotel in the Caribbean. We know, what we are talking about. Small rooms, little privacy, neighbors being disturbed at any time, sharing facilities, ... If you stay only a few days, no choice, this is it!

If your intended stay is five, or even better seven nights, then you should opt for a rental property. Most places, especially villas, represent an extremely attractive value. They are owned by people, who spend there a few weeks a year, and they would like to recover some of the immense cost of such a property. The prices wouldn't make a profit, if these villas were commercial enterprises. This is even more true, if you can use the property with six, eight, ten people, ... Three hotel rooms of the commonly in villas found comfort level would easily equal $ 2,400 a night. Reality is that you may get the villa for a week at this rate in low season, and for $4,000 - 6,000 in high season. Don't overlook, the hotel rooms would still have shared pools, may be noisy neighbors, and other inconveniences.

Location is also an important issue. Villas usually are in quiet neighborhoods, often with spectacular views, meticulously maintained gardens, often tastefully furnished interiors, and many other appealing features. Most of all, the high degree of privacy at a villa is the compelling event compared to a hotel room.

Individual properties rented from owners is a major trend at Caribbean destinations. We assist you in making this potential vacation alternative available to you and to support your decision process.

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