Villa Canoua at Happy Bay

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Villa Canoua - enjoy a very attractively appointed villa. It is almost new, built in 2005, very well maintained, and in a meticulous condition!
Villa Canoua - the design is unique. The owner's daughter is artist and designer and added her personal note to this fine property.
Villa Canoua - the living room is light, ventilated by the sea breeze, and has all features needed for a great vacation time.
Villa Canoua - the two bedrooms are located left and right of the living room. Villa Canoua is the ideal place for two couples enjoying their vacation time.
Villa Canoua - art works give the white design its individual touch.
Villa Canoua - dispose of a modern satellite receiver system with more than 100 US-tv channels.
Villa Canoua - the living room grants great views onto the Caribbean sea.
Villa Canoua - the integrated kitchen is well equipped with refrigerator, dish washer, microwave, oven, and plenty of kitchen equipment and china.You eat either at the bar, or more likely on the terrace.
Villa Canoua - the living room and kitchen combinationis spacious, and leaves you sufficient space for pleasant indoor and outdoor living.
Villa Canoua - it is a place, where attention to details is obvious.

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