Villa Canoua at Happy Bay

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Villa Canoua - tasteful colours, good lighting systems, and thoughtful desing are key elements of this fine property.
Villa Canoua - have a drink with your spouse, enjoy a smack after swimming, all is set for a great time!
Villa Canoua - all is in close reach, nothing is missing, ready to go!
Villa Canoua - an even closer look!
Villa Canoua - the terrace, where most of your days at Villa Canoua will start and end. Either at the larger table (background) or the cozy place in the front.
Villa Canoua - great setting for relaxing times.
Villa Canoua - view towards Happy Bay and Anguilla in the Northwest.
Villa Canoua - view towards the west.
Villa Canoua - just to give you an impression, how the front of the building looks like.
Villa Canoua - here the front again form a different perspective.

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