Villa Canoua at Happy Bay

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Villa Canoua - view towards Happy Bay. The building in the front are the remains of a former hotel no longer be in operation.
Villa Canoua - some little artifacts here and there certainly prove, this villa has its own style and character.
Villa Canoua - great sunsets guaranteed. More at the end of this slide show!
Villa Canoua - all is set for great lunches and dinners with your partner and friends.
Villa Canoua - some mega yachts anchor in the bay at times.
Villa Canoua - another great view of Caribbean colors!
Villa Canoua - time for a walk to the beach? Just leave the garden through a small door underneath the villa, walk through high grass, reach soon the flat part, and enjoy the sand.
Villa Canoua - alternatively move over, out of the shadow of the terrace and enjoy the intense sun at the pool's edge.
Villa Canoua - here from the perspective of before shown place.
Villa Canoua - just about 300 yards between the pool and the beach.

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