Villa Canoua at Happy Bay

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Villa Canoua - the pool water always has a pleasant temperature. It is a freshwater pool.
Villa Canoua - pool and sea mingle and virtually flow into each other.
Villa Canoua - ready for a short walk around the villa? Enjoy the flowers and the amazing tropical plants.
Villa Canoua - walk to the backside of the building, where a fountain, a barbecue place (gas barbecue), and another table and chairs are located.
Villa Canoua - here, left of the fountain and fish filled bassin is your barbecue waiting. Nice shady place at the garden side of the villa.
Villa Canoua - let's move back inside for a few photos, and show you your bedrooms.
Villa Canoua - the master bedroom has a king size bed. The artwork is surrounding you.
Villa Canoua - same bedroom from another perspective.
Villa Canoua - the bedrooms are air conditioned with a modern split level a/c system.
Villa Canoua - one window to the side of the building and a large sliding door to the terrace. All sliding door windows have electrical rollo shutters.

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