Villa Canoua at Happy Bay

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Villa Canoua - This facility room also has an ice maker in order to provide supply beyond the icemaker of the main refrigerator. The house is equipped with 220 Volts/60 hz, European outlets. The utility room has a 110 Volt/60 hz multiple outlet.
Villa Canoua - the master bedroom has a safe. Yes, there are beach towels, and beach chairs available.
Villa Canoua - what does it look like around Villa Canoua? Here a view from the beach.
Villa Canoua - and here another view from the beach.
Villa Canoua - and here right from your place in the sand. Pretty close, isn't it?
Villa Canoua - this is the first view, when you arrive. Your turn into a cul de sac of this residental area, and to the left is Villa Canoua.
Villa Canoua - you arrive at a cul de sac access road, away from major traffic, right above picturesque Happy Bay.
Villa Canoua - a page from the guest book. Difficult to read, and it shows praise only for this fine place. Not a single guest has been disappointed. Many return, and book a year ahead!
Villa Canoua - another page from the guest book.
Villa Canoua - the villa and surroundings in Google Earth view of the area.

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