Villa Canoua at Happy Bay

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Villa Canoua - are you ready for your dream vacation? Just proceed to the next photos, which certainly will let you dream, too!
Villa Canoua - one day in paradise will become a night in paradise.
Villa Canoua - sunsets are just great. Time to get ready for near by Grand Case with its many restaurants. No other place in the Caribbean has as many great restaurants for every taste and budget!
Villa Canoua - a nice sundowner in your hand, ready for some Caribbean experience?
Villa Canoua - just every night differently, but most times a great spectacle!
Villa Canoua - sitting under the roof of the Villa Canoua terrace.
Villa Canoua - If you like to see more about the magnificient Happy Bay beach, please check our slide show, see below link, or return to the villa information.

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